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Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation is available at my office, in public and in the parent or caregivers home, depending on the court order or parenting time agreement. The cost is paid by the noncustodial parent, unless other arrangements are agreed upon by both parties or ordered by the court. I also work with parents who are working toward reunification with their children, and supervise visits between adopted children and their biological parents.

The purpose of supervised visitation, in my view, is to keep the child emotionally and physically safe. I also strive to educate parents how to strengthen their parenting and successfully co- parent their children.

I have many years professional experience supervising visitation, including in cases where child abuse has been alleged or substantiated. I have testified in court and written reports to the court many, many times.


  • Intake for both parties: $150 or $75 for each party.
  • Visitation: $75 per hour
  • Travel to visitation off-site: $25
  • Writing court report or letter: $75 per hour, one hour minimum
  • Court testimony in person: $150 per hour, one hour minimum.
  • Court testimony by phone: $100 per hour, one hour minimum
  • Supervised exchanges: $40 each exchange
  • Extra charge for parents with no contact order who need extra exchange time: $25 per visit.
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