About Lisa Wittorff

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Portland, Oregon. I worked for 12 years as a foster care adoption social worker, placing special needs children in adoptive homes, and helping the families adjust their parenting to support those children. I am also the adoptive parent of 3 children from foster care who are now young adults. My children have been through almost every struggle and diagnosis possible, so I have a lot of “hands on” parenting knowledge from parenting my kids.

I have worked with hundreds of families with children adopted from foster care, as well as parents of typically developing children. I have also parented my own children adopted from foster care, who have many of the challenges common to children who have been prenatally exposed to drugs and alcohol as well as attachment issues. I have tried many kinds of parenting throughout my journey, and discovering Mindful Parenting and Collaborative Problem Solving finally made everything going on with my children and the families I work with make sense. I was able to use these tools to transform my relationship with my children, and help other parents change their relationships as well.

In addition, all three of my children are either transgender and/or non-binary and some are also gay. I know, confusing, right? I have firsthand experience helping my children navigate their gender affirmation, and navigating my own emotions and need to learn how best to support them. I have studied extensively in this area for my licensing requirements, so that I could be well-informed about the state of the art of supporting trans* and non-binary people. I have a large circle of friends who are trans*, non-binary and gay, who help me understand their lived experience from an adult perspective.

My passion is helping families with challenges thrive, and I hope I can help you and your family. If this sounds like what you are looking for, please set up a free phone screening appointment with me by emailing me at wiseowlparenting@gmail.com or by texting me at 971-232-1267.

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